Daily Report Tuesday August 20th, 2013.

Tue, 2013-08-20

Theft At Horseshoe Bay


Police responded to a report of a theft at Horseshoe Bay at 1pm yesterday. It appears that a tourist at the beach saw two black males sit in her friend’s chair and start to rummage through her personal belongings whilst she had stepped away.  The woman shouted at the two males who quickly disappeared into the crowd on the beach.  As a result she alerted security in the area, who began a search for the two males.  A few minutes later another tourist noticed the same two males removing a bag from the beach,  she called for help and a chase ensued with the life guards, park rangers  and the two males.  The two suspects  were caught and  subsequently detained until the police arrived on the scene. The two 19 year old males were promptly taken to Hamilton Police Station, processed and detained.  All of the stolen goods were recovered and a court appearance is expected in the near future.

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