Suspected Stolen Items Recovered

Wed, 2023-02-08

A recent police exercise has resulted in the seizure of a significant quantity of suspected stolen items that were being prepared for shipment overseas.

These items include;

              Building Supplies

              Power Tools - industrial and household

              Gardening Equipment


              Household Items

              Electrical and Plumbing Supplies

              Cleaning supplies

Members of the public, especially business owners and building contractors who may have recently had items stolen form work sites, vehicles, residential or commercial properties, are asked to contact Detective Constable Timothy Harvey at or, Detective Constable Crai-Che’ Hall at or telephone at 247-1744.

You will be required to provide a description of the stolen item(s) in order that a comparison may be made with the seized items and if they are similar, the police can invite the possible owner to view the item to identify same.

When contacting the officers, please ensure that you are able to provide serial numbers, invoices or unique markings, as proof of ownership of items you wish to enquire about.