Senior Management Team


Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons

Commissioner Darrin Simons joined the Bermuda Police Service in November 1993 as a locally recruited Bermudian. Since completing basic training he has worked in Eastern Uniform, Crime Prevention, Training, Police Support Unit, Operational Planning, Community Beat Office, Service Delivery Improvement Team, PACE Office, Forensic Support Unit and the Intelligence Department.

Mr. Simons is a member of the Bermuda Police Service Crisis Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team, and he is an accredited Gold Firearms Incident Commander. He has received training from the FBI and the DEA in the United States and he is a graduate of the International Commanders Programme in the United Kingdom at the Police Staff College at Bramshill. He has been an active member of the Bermuda Police Association and he led the team during their most recent contract negotiations.

Commissioner Simons joined the Bermuda Police Service because it seemed like an exciting job. He decided to make it a career because of the tremendous satisfaction he gets from knowing that he is significantly contributing to making our community safer.

Mr. Simons believes community safety is a joined up effort, involving all areas of government and the community, with the individual at the centre. He encourages a partnership approach to tackling crime and sincerely believes that everyone has a part to play in making Bermuda safer.

Feel free to contact Commissioner Simons at his office on 441-247-1419, mobile 441-717-0871 or by e-mail.


Deputy Commissioner of Police Na'imah Astwood OTM BSc

Deputy Commissioner Na'imah Astwood joined the BPS after serving as a Police Cadet in 1994; she then went on to Recruit Foundation Course 51 where she received the Academic Award.


Deputy Commissioner Astwood has worked in Central Uniform, Central CID, Roads Policing Unit, Task Force, Service Delivery Improvement Unit, Professional Conduct Unit and Special Branch.


She has received Merit Awards, Letters of Good Work, Commissioner's Commendations and was the recipient of the 2008 Senior Officer of the Year Award.

As Superintendent, Mrs. Astwood also held the role of Strategic Change Manager.

Deputy Commissioner Astwood joined the Police Service to help combat the issues that are plaguing the community and is actively involved in the community as a TIPS (Training in Intervention Procedures) Trainer – Member of CADA (Centre of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention); a Mentor for the “Youth in Youth” Committee; and a volunteer assistant at her religious establishment.


She also has a Bachelor's Degree in Human Management.

Feel free to contact Deputy Commissioner Astwood at her office on 441-247-1523, by e-mail or on mobile 441-717-0926.


Assistant Commissioner Antoine Daniels BSc, FCMI

Assistant Commissioner Antoine Daniels joined the Bermuda Police Service as a Cadet in September, 1984. During more than 27 years of service he has worked in a number of departments including Criminal Investigations, Drugs, Operational Policing Support, Service Delivery Improvement Team and Serious Crime. In the latter post he successfully led a number of high profile murder investigations.

In October 2009 Assistant Commissioner Daniels was promoted to the rank of Superintendent and appointed as head of the Serious Crime Division which had been restructured to focus on targeting and recovery of illegal firearms, violent gangs and anti-social behaviour. The Division is also responsible for the investigation of murders and attempted murders.

Mr. Daniels holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Phoenix. He began his formal education at East End Primary School before moving on to the Robert Crawford High School for boys and later graduating from the Bermuda College. He has completed several police training courses in Bermuda and overseas, including at the Canadian Police College in Ottawa (Major Case Management), Quantico, Virginia (DEA) and a Drug Commanders Course in REDTRAC, Jamaica. Mr. Daniels completed the International Commanders Programme (2008) and the International Strategic Leadership Programme (2010), both of which are held at the Police Staff College in Bramshill, UK. Assistant Commissioner Daniels is only the second student at the Staff College to receive Executive Diplomas in both Strategic Management and Leadership from the Chartered Management Institute.

Assistant Commissioner Daniels is the recipient of 3 Commissioner’s Commendations, 2 Merit Awards and several letters of good work.

Assistant Commissioner Daniels can be contacted by e-mail or at his office on 441-247-1294.


Assistant Commissioner Martin Weekes BSc (Hons) CMgr FCMI

Assistant Commissioner Weekes joined the Bermuda Police Service in 1988 having previously served with Kent Constabulary in the UK from 1977.


Martin has served in a wide variety of postings across the Service but is most often remembered as the Parish Constable for Smith’s Parish for many years after which he was the Schools officer for the East End of the island. He is remembered by many young people in Bermuda as their G.R.E.A.T instructor at Clearwater Middle School as well as an Outward Bound Instructor on Paget Island in the summer.  


As an Inspector and later a Chief Inspector he was posted to St George’s and Southside Police Stations as the Station Commander. Martin was later promoted to Superintendent in charge of all of the Island’s police stations where he was responsible for providing a Problem Oriented Policing with Partnerships approach for policing our community.


As Assistant Commissioner (Operations), Martin currently  has both Community Policing and Tactical Policing under his command.


Martin believes firmly in the benefits of mentoring and coaching young Bermudian officers who will form the command team of the future and that modelling the behaviour that we want to see from our officers is the best way to get them to understand the principles of fairness and restraint that should always characterise the community based model of policing that we have developed in recent years. 


Martin holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Policing and Police Studies from the University of Portsmouth in the UK and a level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership (QCF) from the Chartered Management Institute.


In 2014 Martin was admitted as a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and was awarded the designation of Chartered Manager.


In 2021 Martin graduated, with Distinction, from the College of Policing Senior Command Course in the UK.


Assistant Commissioner Weekes can be contacted via e-mail.


Chief Financial Officer Mrs. Wanda Bluefort

Wanda Bluefort joined the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) as Finance Manager on 1 April 2010. 


Mrs. Bluefort has an undergraduate degree in Management (University of Maryland), a Masters’ Degree in International Business (Webster’s University) and professional designation as a qualified accountant.  Mrs. Bluefort began her accounting career as a  Staff Accountant at Ernst & Young and then as an Audit Senior upon qualifying as a CPA. 


Mrs. Bluefort was employed with the Bermuda Government in the early stages of her career prior to going overseas to study in Canada at Mount Saint Vincent University.  She has been employed by local businesses as well as international businesses; the most recent as Assistant Vice President with Swiss Re prior to joining the Bermuda Government for the second time in her career.


With the broad diversity of employment positions, Mrs. Bluefort brings a well-rounded balance to the position of Finance Manager; a position which does not solely focus on the financial aspects of the Bermuda Police Service. The position of Finance Manager additionally oversees the management of BPS Facilities and Stores.


Corporate Communications Manager Mr. Gary Moreno


Human Resources Manager Mr. Michael Trott

Mr. Michael Trott started his Civil Service career as a Customs Officer at the H.M. Customs Department in 1993.


He was employed in this department for over 12 years in various sections, the latter as an Intelligence Officer in the Passenger Analysis Unit (PAU).

In 1999 he obtained a Dual Masters Degree in Human Resources & Management.


In 2001 Mr. Trott was seconded to the Government Human Resources Department as a Trainee Human Resource Officer, where he spent five years in various capacities, the latter as the Acting HR Manager responsible for HR services for the Ministries of Health & Family Services and the Ministries of Labour, Home Affairs & Public Safety.

In 2006 Mr. Trott left the Civil Service for one year and became the HR Manager Employee Relations at the KeyTech Group of Companies before joining the Bermuda Police Service as the HR Manager in March of 2007.

Mr. Trott can be contacted by e-mail or at his office on 441-247-1486.

  Occupational Health Manager Ms. Isis Wellman

Technology Manager Mr. Brent Furbert


Facilities Manager Mr. George Mensah

Mr. George Mensah graduated from Howard University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland in 2008.

Mr. Mensah has been employed as a Project Engineer for a world renown leader in designing and manufacturing of office supplies. He has been a teacher, an IT Specialist and currently the Facilities Manager for the BPS since 2014.  All of these experiences are used in his day to day activities for his current role as Facilities Manager.

Whilst at the BPS, Mr. Mensah oversaw the removal and replacement of five telecommunications towers and installation of the island-wide wireless CCTV system. The expenditure for these projects exceeded $10,000,000.

In addition, Mr. Mensah oversaw the upgrade of the BPS’s computer network infrastructure which included the modernization of its two computer data centres. Mr. Mensah is currently overseeing the renovation of the old Police Headquarters Building in Prospect. His desire is to see the BPS Prospect facilities as a modern facility which is conducive to productivity by virtue of its modernization, accessibility and energy conservation.

Mr. Mensah is an easy going, reliable and capable member of the BPS Team.


Police Recreation Club Manager Mr. John F. Perinchief

Mr. John Perinchief started his Civil Service career Working for the U.S. Department of Defence in 1978. He was employed at the U.S. Navy Commissary Store Bermuda for over 12 years in various sections.

In 1990 Mr. Perinchief started his career in the Hospitality Industry managing restaurants and bars. He moved to the hotel industry, working at Southampton Princess Hotel managing different departments, night clubs and bars. In 1993 he was offered the Food & Beverage Manager position (Ariel Sands Resort & Spa) where he worked for 3 years. He was then offered Banquet & Catering Manager position in 1996 at the newly renovated Banquet and Spa Facilities at the Elbow Beach Hotel.

In 1999 Mr. Perinchief left the hotel industry to help in his family business, Advantage Computer Solutions Bda. Ltd. as the Sales, Marketing & Service Director.

Mr. Perinchief joined the Bermuda Police Service as the Police Recreation Club Manager in January 2002.

Mr. Perinchief has been a member of the BPSU since 2002 and became a Shop Steward for the BPSU in May 2012.

Mr. Perinchief can be contacted by e-mail or at his office on 441-247-1342.


Superintendent Sean Field-Lament

Superintendent Sean Field-Lament joined the Bermuda Police Service in 1985 as a locally recruited Bermudian. He has worked in a variety of posts including Uniform, Task Force, Narcotics, Major Incident Room, CID, Training, Administration, Service Delivery Improvement and the Public Protection Department. His most recent posting was as head of the Drug and Financial Crime Units.

Superintendent Field-Lament is a former member of the Emergency Response Team and is currently an accredited Gold Firearms Incident Commander. He has received training from the DEA and the FBI in the United States, the Metropolitan Police in London and the RCMP in Canada.


He has completed the International Commanders Programme in the United Kingdom at the Police Staff College at Bramshill and he is certified as a Police Instructor. Superintendent Field-Lament is a certified member of the Bermuda Insurance Institute where he holds three Insurance designations. He is currently pursuing a degree in secondary education.

Superintendent Field-Lament has represented the Bermuda Police Service in boxing and rugby. He played rugby for the police team (BPRFC) for 24 years and captained the side for 7 years. He is the current chairman of the BPRFC and has held this position since 2008. He also played international rugby for Bermuda for 20 years and was the National team Vice-Captain. He is now retired from playing but he still actively supports rugby in Bermuda. He continues his sporting activities with running, cycling and sailing. He is also the Chairman of the Royal Life Saving Society of Bermuda.

Feel free to contact Superintendent Field-Lament via e-mail.


Superintendent James Howard MM/HRM BSc (Hons) FCMI Dip. Crim.

Superintendent James Howard is a Bermudian who joined the Bermuda Police Service in 1985 (33 years of service). He worked in a variety of postings including Central and Western Uniform, Parishes Department, Cycle Crime, Motorcycle Patrol Section, Criminal Investigations Unit and Serious Crime Unit. He was promoted to Sergeant in July 1996 and had the opportunity to supervise most of the aforementioned named departments and units.

Mr. Howard was transferred to the Narcotics Department where he remained for about three years before being transferred to the Police Training Centre. During his tenure at the Training Centre, Mr. Howard was promoted to Inspector in 2001 and was eventually transferred back to the Narcotics Division as it’s Second in Command. In 2004 Mr. Howard began acting as Chief Inspector in different Divisions throughout the Service before being promoted to Chief Inspector in charge of Training and Recruiting in May 2006. In 2007 Mr. Howard was transferred to the Community Policing Division as the Area Commander.

December 22nd 2008, Mr. Howard was promoted to the rank of Superintendent. He is now in charge of the Support Services Division. Superintendent Howard has received training in England, the United States, the Caribbean and South Africa. His two most recent courses are the International Commanders Programme at the National Police Improvement Agency (NPIA), Police College, Bramshill within the United Kingdom and the International Strategic Leadership Programme conducted by the Ministry of National Security, Special Anti Crime Unit of Trinidad and Tobago.

Superintendent James Howard holds a Diploma in Criminal Justice and Police Management from the University of Leicester; A Bachelor of Science Degree in Policing and Police Studies from the University of Portsmouth and a Masters Degree in Management and Human Resource Management.

He has also received 4 Commissioner’s Commendations, 1 Merit Award and 7 Letters of Good Work.


Superintendent Nicholas Pedro OTM BA

D/Superintendent Nicholas Pedro joined the Police Service in 1993, having completed University with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.


Since then he has worked in Patrol, Traffic, the Drugs Unit, Commissioner’s Staff Officer (Administration), the Criminal Investigations Department, the Fraud Unit, and Head of the Serious Crime Department & Organized & Economic Crime.


D/Supt. Pedro’s current role is the head of the Crime Division, with responsibility for overseeing all criminal investigation units, forensic support unit, managing strategic projects, and continued professional development of investigators.


This includes managing and investigating serious financial crimes including corruption, frauds, money laundering, and serious drug trafficking related offences.


Mr. Pedro has received training in managing serious criminal investigations, fraud investigation, & financial investigations.


He has completed the International Commanders Programme at the United Kingdom Police Staff College at Bramshill, and also graduated from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, USA.


Mr. Pedro can be contacted at  441-247-1340 or via e-mail