Scam Alert: Beware of Imposters’ Claims & Fake Property Listings

Thu, 2023-03-02

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) is once again advising members of the public to beware of social media scams that seek to obtain money, personal information and banking details.

In one such scam recently, a local man paid $1,000 for bedroom furniture advertised for sale on Instagram.

He was then contacted by someone claiming to work for a money service business, who needed help moving money out of accounts.

The same local man was ultimately contacted by someone who suggested that they were a detective in the Bermuda Police Service cyber crimes unit, following up on a computer related crime. The imposter asked for full personal banking details.

Recognising that the two spontaneous requests from individuals allegedly representing official organisations were also scams, the man did not comply with either request.

These matters are currently under investigation by the BPS Financial Crimes Unit.

Another scam which is circulating on social media involves apartments for rent in Bermuda and in other jurisdictions, where a deposit is requested to view the property.

However, once the deposit money is received, the person supposedly offering the apartment is no longer contactable and no property visit takes place.

Residents are reminded to be wary of any social media advertisements where the seller requires an initial cash deposit and/or personal information upfront.

In addition, it is strongly recommended that members of the public do their own due diligence regarding any social media advertisements they may be interested in.

Suspected scams can be reported by calling 211, or sending an e-mail to