Dedicated Team Continues Investigating 2016 Murder of Patrick Dill

Sun, 2023-05-21

Today is the seventh year anniversary of the murder of Patrick Dill. Mr. Dill was shot to death as he left his residence on Crossland Lane, Pembroke, and was about to get into his car to go to a party. This was about 10:35 p.m. on Saturday 21st May, 2016. This was a senseless murder that took the life of Patrick, who at the time was 26 years-old and was in the prime of his life.

Detective Inspector Jason Smith is renewing the appeal for community assistance.

“Patrick was a vibrant young man that was an I.T. technician, working in international business. He was pursuing his goals and a productive member of society that was gunned down by unscrupulous men.

The investigation into Patrick’s murder is ongoing and today, on the anniversary of his death, the police are continuing to appeal for witnesses to come forward and assist in their investigation, to bring closure to his family, and friends.

The investigation remains active and there is a dedicated team of investigators working on this case that needs the public’s assistance.

Investigators are aware that members of our community have information that is crucial to our investigation, but may be reluctant to come forward. We understand the sensitivities surrounding your reluctance to come forward, however this information is invaluable to piece together the strands that can tip the investigation over.

Patrick’s family are still grieving and are looking for answers to why he was taken away from them at such a young age.

There are residents in the Crossland neighbourhood that witnessed and saw activity that aroused their suspicions the night before and the night of his murder. These area residents might have seen a man lurking about in the neighbourhood and can either identify or provide police with a description of what he looked like and or was wearing. This is the kind of assistance that we are looking for.

No matter how insignificant you may think of the information you have, you can help in solving this murder.

We are appealing for you to make contact with investigators in solving this case and bringing justice to his family.”

Anyone with information is asked to make contact with investigators, Detective Inspector Jason Smith or Detective Constable Llewellyn Edwards and Detective Constable Warren Bundy.

The officers want to hear from you. Detective Inspector Smith can be reached at 717-0864, Detective Constable Edwards can be reached at 717-0992, and Detective Constable Bundy at 717-0899.

Alternatively, you can call the independent and anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline at 800-8477, the police call centre at 211, or speak with a police officer you know.