Chief Inspectors

Chief Inspector Tracy D. Adams

Chief Inspector Tracy Adams joined the Bermuda Police Service at the tender age of 16 as a Police Cadet in 1984 where he attended The Bermuda College.


On reaching the age of 19, he was able to join the Bermuda Police Service proper and was placed on the Recruit Foundation Course #38. Upon graduating from the training program he was posted as a Constable at the Hamilton Police Station.


Chief Inspector Adams was later transferred to the Criminal Investigation Unit where he spent a number of years working as a Detective Constable in the central and western parishes.


Chief Inspector Adams has had subsequent postings at the Serious Crime Unit, Community and Juvenile Department, Intelligence Department, and more recently in the Community Policing Department. He has six Police Commendations, one Merit Award and several Letters of Good Work.


Chief Inspector Adams is currently the Western Station Commander having responsibility for the parishes of Warwick, Southampton and Sandys. The Dockyard Marine & Community Policing Office also falls under his remit. His primary role is to oversee the implementation of the Problem Oriented and Partnership initiative in the community. This involves the public and Police working together to address crimes and anti-social behavior in the community.


Chief Inspector Adams joined the Police Service to see where he could make a positive contribution to my community. The Bermuda Service has many opportunities to achieve that goal through community service and addressing criminal behaviors.


Chief Inspector Adams is a local soccer referee with the Bermuda Football Association, where he officiates soccer games from the youth level right up to the Premier Division. This allows him to interact with the soccer community. He is also a member of the Sandys Rotary Club and while he has no hobbies as such, he enjoys all forms of sports.


Feel free to contact Chief Inspector Adams at his office on 441-247-1001, by e-mail or on mobile 441-717-0417.


Chief Inspector Dennis Astwood

Chief Inspector Dennis Astwood is married with two children. Chief Inspector Astwood has amassed 31 years’ service in the Bermuda Police Service (BPS); having joined in 1987 as a Police Cadet, and appointed as a Police Constable in 1989. Inspector Astwood was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2002.

Chief Inspector Astwood has a very extensive and broad policing experience, spanning both the uniform and investigative theatres. Of note:


Senior Investigating Officer in the Narcotics Division and later the Organized and Economic Crime Division

The Lead Officer (Acting Inspector) of the inaugural Community Action Team (CAT)

Part of the inaugural Service Delivery Improvement Team

With regards to a very serious investigation, the Commissioner of Police assigned Inspector Astwood as the police representative joining a team of Government officials and their lawyers attending court hearings at the Privy Council

Senior Investigating Officer in the Serious Crime Unit

The inaugural post of the Staff Officer to the Officer in Charge of the Community Policing Division

Acting Inspector – 2 I/C Community Policing Division

Bronze Commander (Logistics) – America’s Cup (AC-35) Command Team

From September 2017: Acting Inspector and Tasking Manager of Operations targeting those who pose a significant threat to the community


Chief Inspector Astwood, has been a part of numerous serious international investigations, working alongside overseas law enforcement agencies, including in the U.S. (FBI, DEA, U.S. Customs and Homeland Security), in Canada (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), in the Caribbean (Jamaica Constabulary), to name a few.


Chief Inspector Astwood has received extensive local and overseas training in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, and the Caribbean; including:


Leadership and Management Courses

Investigation Courses (Major Crime, Serious Drug Crime)

Tactical Training (Critical Incidents, Firearms Command, Joint Agency Command, Joint Public Order Command, Crisis Negotiator, Gang Investigation, Intelligence Training)


Inspector Astwood, for his meritorious service, has been awarded:


The Police Long Service Medal

The Queen’s Golden and Jubilee Medals

The Royal Bermuda Regiment Efficiency Medal (Non-Commissioned Officer: 29 years’ service)


Chief Inspector Astwood has also been the recipient of:


6 Commissioner’s Commendations

5 Commissioner’s Merit Awards

Merit Award from the World Customs Organization

Merit Award from the Director of Public Prosecutions

Superintendent’s Merit Award

Numerous Letters of Good Work


Chief Inspector Astwood continues his role as the BPS Intelligence Manager.


Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell MSc

Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell joined the Bermuda Police Service in 1989 and is a graduate of the Police Cadet scheme. He was appointed as a Police Constable in 1991 and was promoted to Sergeant in 2003, then Inspector in 2007, achieving the rank of Chief Inspector in 2018.


He has gained a diverse range of operational policing skills having worked in uniform branches across the service including the Central and Eastern Divisions, Traffic Department and the Motorcycle Patrol Unit. Much of his career has been spent in the investigative branches of the service that have included the Criminal Investigations Unit and specialist investigations departments that have included the Narcotics and Serious Crime Units. Inspector Cardwell is an accredited and active Level 2 Silver Firearms Incident Commander and is currently the Officer in Charge of the Marine and Roads Policing Units.


Chief Inspector Cardwell is the recipient of a Certificate of Appreciation from the United States New England Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force. He has been awarded 7 Commissioner’s Commendations for outstanding work, 3 Commissioner’s Merit Awards and is the recipient of numerous Letters of Good Work. He has been awarded the Long Service and Queens Jubilee and Diamond Medals.


Chief Inspector Cardwell has completed a wide range of policing courses that compliment his operational experience with the Kent Constabulary, DEA, National Police Improvement Agency and the Institute of Police Technology. He has taken private study and has completed a Police Leadership and Management Development course with Dalhousie University in Canada and holds a Master of Science degree in Police Leadership and Management having graduated from the University of Leicester in the UK.


Feel free to contact Chief Inspector Cardwell by e-mail or at 441-247-1076.


Chief Inspector Arthur Glasford

Chief Inspector Glasford has 33 years of policing experience and joined the Bermuda Police Service in 1989 as a Police Cadet.


He then became a Police Constable in 1990 after completing Recruit Foundation Course 44 and has worked in the following areas:


Eastern, Central and Western Uniform Divisions

Traffic Unit

Police Search and Rescue Diving Team

Motorcycle Patrol Section

Cycle Squad

Task Force

Former member of the Emergency Response Team

Central CID

Serious Crime Unit

Gang Unit


Intelligence Department

Special Branch - Government Secruity Officer

Officer in Charge, Vulnerable Persons Unit

Officer in Charge, Serious Crimes Unit


Chief Inspector Glasford has received Letters of Good Work, Merit Awards, Commissioner's Commendations, as well as the DPP's Appreciation Award. He has completed several overseas training courses in the U.K., United States, and the Caribbean, and has worked on joint investigation teams in Anguilla and Jamaica.


He has been awarded the Queen's Jubilee, Diamond and Long Service medals. In November 2018 he served as The Black Rod during the Convening of Parliament ceremony. He has also undertaken private study and holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree in Risk and Security Management from the University of Portsmouth in the UK.


Chief Inspector Glasford’s current posting is the Officer in Charge of the Professional Standards Department.


Feel free to contact Chief Inspector Glasford by e-mail or at his office, 1-441-247-1174, or mobile, 1-441-717-0773.


Chief Inspector Sherwin Joseph

Chief Inspector Sherwin Joseph joined the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) in July 1996 and had the opportunity to work in the Criminal Investigation Department of the Western Division and the Organized Crime and Narcotics Unit.


He joined the Bermuda Police Service in May 2003. During his tenure he has worked in the Community Police Division (CPD) and the Police Support Unit (PSU).

Chief Inspector Joseph is currently attached to the Serious Crime Division as Incident Commander/Duty Inspector.


He is responsible for managing major incidents as well as providing leadership and guidance to his colleagues.

Chief Inspector Joseph's personal policing philosophy - "I truly believe that members of the community are our greatest allies in the fight against crime and anti social behavior."

Chief Inspector Joseph enjoys weight training and cardio vascular activities.

Feel free to contact Inspector Joseph at his office on 441-247-1248, mobile 441-717-2158 or by e-mail.


Chief Inspector Jerome Laws

Chief Inspector Jerome Laws joined the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) in 1986 as a Police Cadet. After serving for 2 years, he went into Recruit Foundation Course #41. His subsequent postings included Eastern Uniform, Central Uniform, Task Force Unit, Eastern and Central Criminal Investigation Department, Major Incident Room and Serious Crime Unit, Narcotics, Community Action Team and presently been posted in the Community Policing Division for the past 10 years.


Currently he is the Acting Superintendent in the Community Policing Division, but his primary role is Officer-In-Command of the Eastern Area with responsibility for the Parishes of St. George’s, Smith’s and Hamilton Parishes. Through these teams in partnership with the community he worked to keep the Eastern Area communities safe and focused on minimizing crime and anti-social behaviour.


Chief Inspector Laws served as the one of the BPS Silver Commanders at the 2017 America’s Cup events and was the BPS Gold Commander for the Black Lives Matter March in 2020. He was also the Deputy Chairperson of the Bermuda Coalition for several years. In the Community Policing Department he has undertaken significant community work through partnerships to make a difference in changing environments that have an impact on crime an antisocial behaviour.


During his tenure in the Police Service Chief Inspector Laws has received a total of seven letters of good work, one merit award, seven Commissioner's Commendations for detective work and one DPP Appreciation Award. Most of these awards are for recognition of professionalism, leadership, commitment, zeal and dedication into investigating serious crimes relating to offences involving murders, firearms and drugs.


Chief Inspector Laws joined the Police Service knowing that every minute of the day he will have the opportunity to make a difference in combating crime with a view of keeping Bermuda safe.


As a teenager he played soccer and cricket for St. David’s Cricket Club and later represented Bermuda in soccer during his late teens. He subsequently played soccer for St. George’s Colts and Devonshire Colts winning a total of six Cup Finals in five years. In his later years and to this date, he continues to play soccer for St. George’s Stallions and as a senior player he has assisted with coaching and mentoring the younger players; taking the opportunity to encourage them to focus on the positive aspects of life.


Feel free to contact Chief Inspector Laws at his office on 441-247-1265, mobile 441-717-0591 or by e-mail


Chief Inspector Alexander Rollin

Chief Inspector Alexander Rollin joined the Bermuda Police Service in 1999 after graduating from Dalhousie University.

Chief Inspector Rollin first worked on patrol in the eastern division before making a move to the Police Support Unit to tackle drug crime and anti-social behaviour. This was then followed by a promotion to Sergeant in 2004 and a move to work out of the Hamilton Police Station in the patrol and Station Sergeant role. Chief Inspector Rollin spent time working as a Sergeant out of the Somerset Police Station as well as being a supervisor on the central and western Community Action Teams.

Between 2009 and 2013 Chief Inspector Rollin was the Sergeant on the newly formed Gang Targeting Team that saw him become the island's first expert in the area of gang evidence to be introduced in the Supreme Court of Bermuda.

Chief Inspector Rollin then moved to the Armed Response Unit as the Sergeant for that department until 2018.

In 2019, Chief Inspector Rollin was the lead instructor for two Close Protection Courses that were run in Bermuda which also saw students attend from the Royal British Virgin Islands Police. These courses saw the graduation of Bermuda’s first female Close Protection Officers.

Chief Inspector Rollin then went to work as an Acting Inspector and Incident Commander for the Community Policing Division ‘B’ Watch working shifts around the clock. In this role he was promoted to Inspector.

In 2020, Chief Inspector Rollin moved to the Hamilton Police Station where he was the Station Inspector. This saw him promoted to Chief Inspector of the Community Policing Division for the central division.

Chief Inspector Rollin is an Authorized Firearms Officer, member of the Emergency Response Team and a firearms instructor.

Chief Inspector Rollin enjoys his down time with family and friends, watching sports, fishing, playing squash, running and spending time in the gym.


Chief Inspector Peter Stableford

Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Peter Stableford spent 15 years working in Northumbria Police in the UK in various roles including murder investigations.


He joined the Bermuda Police Service in March 2006 was promoted to Sergeant in 2009, Inspector in 2013 then Chief Inspector in 2021.


DCI Stableford is now in charge of the vulnerable person and serious crime units.


Please feel free to contact DCI Stableford (Peter) at his office on 441-247-1445, mobile 441-717-2286 or by email.