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Locksley Cummings Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison for Child Sexual Abuse

Tue, 2023-04-18

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime) Sean Field-Lament – “The Bermuda Police Service notes the historic sentence handed down to Mr. Locksley Cummings in the Supreme Court.

The circumstances which led to these convictions were despicable and heinous. They involved the betrayal by a person of trust to young vulnerable victims. The 35 year sentence sends an unequivocal message that offences of this nature have no place in our society and will have significant consequences.

Hopefully it will serve as a strong deterrent.

Most importantly, I hope it brings some form of closure and comfort to the victims and family involved in this tragedy and that their healing process can continue, confident in the fact that they will not now have to encounter this individual.

I wish to publicly acknowledge their courage in coming forward to bring this situation to the attention of the police.

These cases are extremely emotive and require the highest professional standards to investigate and ultimately prosecute. I recognise the tremendous work done by the detectives of the Vulnerable Persons Unit and the Department of Public Prosecutions team in bringing this perpetrator to justice.

Their hard work and dedication demonstrates our steadfast resolve to protect the most vulnerable in our society.”

Concern After Recent Uptick in Motorcyclists Failing to Stop for Police

Mon, 2023-04-17

Over the past week the Bermuda Police Service has seen an uptick in persons on motorcycles failing to stop, evading police and travelling at excessive speeds. There were three such incidents on Thursday evening alone. These incidents which are dangerous to all involved, are of great concern. Subjects later arrested in relation to these matters will appear before the courts in due time.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Martin Weekes said: “Individuals fleeing from police by driving at high rates of speed, pose a significant threat to the safety and well-being of not only those involved in the situation, but also to other motorists as well as members of the public. “

Police officers are trained to ensure their response to drivers who choose to flee is appropriate and proportionate to the level of risk posed and safety of the officers themselves and other road users is always a priority.

This means officers will at times, end a pursuit if it is determined poses that level of risk that is out of proportion to the offences committed.

The public is reminded that under the Road Traffic Act 1947, the driver of a vehicle on any road shall, when requested to do so by a police officer or when a police officer signals to him to do so, immediately bring the vehicle to a stop and keep it stationary until the police officer permits him to proceed.

A police officer may give a signal to stop a vehicle by raising his hand or by waving from side to side a red light. Any person who fails to comply with any such request or signal commits an offence against this Act.

Inquiries Underway Regarding Single Vehicle Damage Only Collision

Fri, 2023-04-14

Police are investigating the circumstances involved in a single vehicle, damage only collision, which occurred on the North Shore Road near the entrance to the Shelly Bay Market Place shortly after 3:00 p.m. on Friday, April 14th, 2023.

The vehicle was headed east when the female driver reportedly lost control and struck a wall resulting in the vehicle flipping onto its right side blocking the east bound lane.

There were no reported injuries, however the motorcar was left with extensive damage.

Traffic was reduced to one lane headed west while traffic headed east was diverted along Radnor Road.

The vehicle has since been removed and the road reopened to regular traffic flow.

Recent Student Altercations at City of Hamilton Bus Terminal

Fri, 2023-04-14

Around 4:45 p.m. on Thursday, April 13th, 2023, police received a report of students involved in an altercation at the Bus Terminal in the City of Hamilton. Upon arrival, officers were directed to the number 9 bus where they were alerted to two female Middle School students, who were then escorted off of the bus.

The two students were informed they would be taken to Hamilton Police Station and their parents contacted. Upon being told this, they became belligerent toward the officers and attempted to leave the scene. They were prevented from doing so by the officers who were then confronted by other students and members of the public.

The two female students were then transported to Hamilton Police Station to avoid any further escalation. They were both spoken to and subsequently released into the care of their parents.

One of the students was found to be in possession of a canister containing pepper spray. The item was seized.

Inquiries into this matter are ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact Acting Sergeant Richard Marriott on 717-2432 or, via email –

Elsewhere, the BPS is aware of a number of video clips being circulated on social media, showing students involved altercations at the Hamilton Bus Terminal. We ask that should you receive these video clips, you do not share them on, instead, please delete them from your device.

Stolen Goods Advisory

Fri, 2023-04-14

The Bermuda Police Service Crime Unit is conducting investigations into a number of recent burglaries and thefts from several establishments across the island with numerous electronic devices, namely Apple brand products, including iPhones, AirPods, iPads and MacBook laptops having been stolen.

Some of these items have then been advertised for sale at significantly reduced prices online, via various social media platforms.

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS), wishes to advise the public to exercise caution when considering purchasing brand name electronics advertised locally, at prices below their true value, as you may be purchasing an item linked to these breaks-ins or thefts.

As always, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

We urge that you adopt the following measures to protect against purchasing stolen items:

Do not transfer funds to a seller’s account without physically seeing the item

Request to see the serial number of the item, note that information and make inquiries

Make a note of the media platform and the account holders information (name & telephone, etc.)

Never meet seller in secluded or suspicious area to conduct any transactions

Should you have any suspicions or concerns about the sale, the item being sold or, the individual selling the item, please report these to the police BEFORE, you complete the transaction.

Do not allow yourself to become a victim of financial crime.

You should also be aware that under the Criminal Code Act 1907, “A person guilty of handling stolen goods shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine of $10,000 or to imprisonment for five years or both; and on conviction on indictment, to a fine of $150,000 or imprisonment for fourteen years, or both.”  you know.

Man Sentenced to 16 Years’ Imprisonment for Child Sexual Abuse

Tue, 2023-04-11

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) notes the Supreme Court sentencing of 26-year-old Maleke Martin today, Tuesday 11th April 2023, to 16 year’s imprisonment regarding sexual exploitation of a child offences.

Those incidents occurred two years ago and a police investigation commenced.

Following a Supreme Court trial, Mr. Martin was found guilty in December 2022 of two counts of child sexual exploitation and one count of showing offensive material to a child.

At trial, the Special Measures for Child Witnesses in Criminal Cases legislation was utilised for the first time locally, a key provision of the Child Safeguarding (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2019, as outlined by Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs & Constitutional Reform, the Hon. Kathy Lynn Simmons, JP, MP, in her Ministerial Statement Monday, 27th February 2023. This new legislation allowed for pre-recorded evidence from the child to be used during trial, instead of the child giving evidence in front of the defendant and a jury.

Specifically, Mr. Martin was sentenced as follows:

1st count – 13½ years’ imprisonment for sexual exploitation of a young person, being a person in trust;

2nd count – 16 years’ imprisonment for sexual exploitation of a young person, being a person in trust;

3rd count – 6 years’ imprisonment for showing abusive images to a young person.

All sentences are to run concurrently and at least half of the 16 years’ imprisonment must be served, before parole eligibility.

Additionally, Mr. Martin will be placed on the Sex Offenders Register and upon release from prison, will have to complete a 15 year supervision order.

The BPS takes our role in child safeguarding seriously, which involves ongoing partnerships with the Government, the judiciary and relevant community organisations to help protect young, vulnerable people.

Suspected Illegal Drugs Seized After Report From Member of the Public

Mon, 2023-04-10

Around 4:20 p.m. on Friday, April 8th, 2023, police received a report that a black bag containing several brown brick shaped packages wrapped in tape had been spotted in the water near Heritage Wharf, Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys.

Officers entered the water and recovered the bag containing the items believed to be controlled drugs.

The bag and its contents have since been secured, and will be submitted to the Government analysts for testing in due course.

Acting Detective Chief Inspector Derricka Burnsexpressed her gratitude to the member of the public who contacted the police to report the discovery.

Ms Burns stated: “The decision by this individual to inform police of this situation, no doubt prevented a significant quantity of what appears to be illegal narcotics from reaching the streets and posing a threat to the safety and wellbeing of the community, given the attendant problems created by, and associated with the illegal drugs trade on the island. They are to be commended.”

The investigation into this matter remains ongoing.



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