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Suspect Arrested in Connection with the Murder of 23-Year-Old Kyari Flood

Wed, 2023-02-15

As the investigation into the murder of 23-year-old Kyari Flood continues, officers from the Community Policing Division have been traversing the Friswells Road community providing reassurance to residents.

Detectives remain keen on hearing from members of the public who may have any information on the circumstances which may have led to Mr. Flood’s lifeless body being found in a secluded area off Border Lane South and Friswell’s Hill around 1:00 p.m. on Monday, February 13th, 2023.

A 20-year-old male from Devonshire arrested during a police operation launched following the discovery of Mr. Flood’s body, is assisting police with their enquiries into the murder of Mr. Flood.

Detective Inspector Jason Smith of the Serious Crimes Unit stated: “I wish to thank those members of the public who have so far come forward and provided us with information on this matter. Let me remind you that any information, as insignificant as you may think it to be, could prove valuable to our ongoing investigation. Officers from our Community Policing Division have been out providing reassurance to residents of Friswells Hill and environs. We urge residents to take the opportunity to share with these officers any information or concerns you might have regarding this matter.

Acting Detective Chief Inspector Derricka Burns explained there was no delay in police responding to reports of gunshots heard in the Pembroke area shortly after 10:00 p.m. on Sunday 12th February 2023. “Residents reported hearing shots in the areas of Happy Valley Road, Fentons Drive, Parsons Road and Friswells Hill.

I can confirm that officers attended these areas and spoke to residents who were unable to pinpoint the exact location of the shots. An extensive search was conducted of these areas by police, however, nothing untoward was discovered at that time.

We do believe that Sunday’s gunshot reports and the discovery of the body yesterday are connected.”

Both matters remain under investigation and we once again urge anyone with any information to get in contact with Detective Inspector, Jason Smith, of the Serious Crime Unit, by calling 717-0864, 247-1218 or via email,

You may also call the main police number, 295-0011, or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers number, 800-8477.

Suspected Drugs, Cash & Illegal Dogs Seized, Seven Arrested

Wed, 2023-02-15

On Tuesday 7th February 2023, the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) Drugs Unit, assisted by the Criminal Investigations Unit, Financial Crimes Unit and Tactical Division, executed two search warrants at two residences in Devonshire and Smith’s parishes where several packages containing the suspected controlled drugs cocaine and cannabis were seized, with an estimated street value of $30,000 (Bermuda dollars), along with mixed currencies totalling in excess of $85,000.

Seven persons have been arrested in relation to this operation and police also seized a hydroponic system, designed to grow cannabis indoors.

In addition BPS officers, assisted by Animal Wardens, removed four illegal dogs from one of the properties that were searched.

Acting Detective Superintendent Sherwin Joseph, who is in charge of the Crime Division, stated: “This operation has disrupted and dismantled the drug trafficking and money laundering activities of a drug trafficking ring here in Bermuda.

Chemicals used in the illegal grow operation were also seized and will be further analysed by our Government analysts.

The investigation is at a critical stage and no further information will be provided at this time.”

The BPS Drugs Unit will continue investigations.

Investigation Underway Regarding the First Murder of 2023

Mon, 2023-02-13

Around 1:00 p.m. on Monday, February 13th, 2023, a member of the public contacted police to report an unresponsive male lying on the ground in a secluded overgrown area off Border Lane South and Friswells Road, Pembroke.

Police and other emergency personnel responded and were taken to the area where upon arrival, they observed the male appeared to have sustained a gunshot wound.

An on call physician attended the scene and confirmed the male was deceased a short time later.

This matter is now being investigated as a murder.

The first for 2023.

There are reports circulating that police received several calls about gunshots heard shortly after 10:15 p.m. on Sunday, February 12th, 2023, in a number of unspecified locations in Pembroke Parish.

Contrary to these reports, several units responded to the information received, vague though it may have been, and conducted extensive searches of the Happy Valley, Parsons Road and Fentons Drive areas, as well as Friswell’s Hill and other locations in North Hamilton. However, there was no evidence found to substantiate these reports.

Both matters are now under investigation and anyone with information, no matter how insignificant you think it may be, is asked to contact Detective Inspector, Jason Smith, of the Serious Crime Unit, on 717-0864, 247-1218 or via email,

You may also call the main police number, 295-0011, or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers number, 800-8477.

If you are more comfortable doing so, we urge you to please provide the information to a police officer you know.

Sudden Death of 65-Year-Old William Sousa

Thu, 2023-02-09

The Bermuda Police Service, (BPS), can confirm the identity of the male found unresponsive inside a motorcar on the Mid-Ocean Golf Course as 65-year-old William Sousa.

At approximately 5:00 a.m. Tuesday, February 7th, 2023, the BPS received a report of a male in an unresponsive state inside a motorcar on the Mid-Ocean Golf Course.

Officers and EMS personnel attended the location.

EMS personnel rendered first aid but the male remained unresponsive.

An on call doctor attended and certified death shortly after.

Foul play has been ruled out.

An autopsy confirmed Mr. Sousa’s death was associated with a pre-existing medical condition.

The Bermuda Police Service extends condolences to Mr. Sousa’s family and loved ones.

Suspected Stolen Items Recovered

Wed, 2023-02-08

A recent police exercise has resulted in the seizure of a significant quantity of suspected stolen items that were being prepared for shipment overseas.

These items include;

              Building Supplies

              Power Tools - industrial and household

              Gardening Equipment


              Household Items

              Electrical and Plumbing Supplies

              Cleaning supplies

Members of the public, especially business owners and building contractors who may have recently had items stolen form work sites, vehicles, residential or commercial properties, are asked to contact Detective Constable Timothy Harvey at or, Detective Constable Crai-Che’ Hall at or telephone at 247-1744.

You will be required to provide a description of the stolen item(s) in order that a comparison may be made with the seized items and if they are similar, the police can invite the possible owner to view the item to identify same.

When contacting the officers, please ensure that you are able to provide serial numbers, invoices or unique markings, as proof of ownership of items you wish to enquire about.

Rightful Owners Invited to Claim Impounded Vehicles

Tue, 2023-02-07

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) currently has 35 vehicles in its Prospect, Devonshire impound. 14 (or 40%) of the impounded vehicles are listed as recovered stolen motorcycles.

Our priority is to return these vehicles to their rightful owners.

Members of the public are encouraged to review the list of registration numbers in the Official Gazette notice on the Government of Bermuda’s website, to identify any vehicle that may belong to them.

The notice can be found at:

Registered owners may reclaim their vehicles by contacting the BPS Impound Office, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, at telephone number 247-1751.

Any vehicle not claimed within 21 days will be disposed of, in accordance with the Police Property Act, 1921.

BPS Update Regarding Island-Wide Power Outage

Sat, 2023-02-04

Around 3:20 pm on Friday, 3rd February, 2022, the Bermuda Electric Light Company, (BELCO), experienced a mechanical fault in its operations which led to an islandwide power outage.

The Bermuda Police Service, (BPS), immediately moved to mitigate against any disruption to the flow of traffic by posting officers at all major intersections where traffic lights were off due to the power outage, to assist with traffic control.

The BPS also acted expeditiously to bring on additional officers to assist with increased high visibility patrols to not only to deter anti-social behaviour and reduce the risk of criminal activity as a result of the outage, particularly during the hours of darkness and to provide reassurance to the wider community as well as business owners and operators.

The additional resources also assisted in reducing negative driving behaviour and preventing against serious traffic collisions.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Na’imah Astwood, stated: “I wish to thank the community for working with your Bermuda Police Service during the events of yesterday.

There were no calls for service in relation to any major incidents requiring police attention during or, as a result of yesterday’s power outage.

Some members of the public, like the young man employed at the Esso City Tigermart and others, assisted with traffic control until the arrival of an officer.”

There were a few minor damage only, traffic collisions reported.

ADCOP Astwood added: “I take this time to say a heartfelt thank you to our officers, who on such short notice transitioned seamlessly from their regular taskings, working in cohesion to meet the demands resulting from yesterday’s events.

Your efforts ensured there were no disruptions to the saftey and security of our country. I am very proud.”

The BPS has spent the last few hours ensuring there were no untoward occurrences while the community and businesses resume normal activity and we continue our work making Bermuda safer.



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