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Date:Wednesday, January 15,2020
Distribution: All Media

Police Recruits & Tutor Constable Come to Assistance of Man in Devonshire

At 4:00pm on Tuesday 14th January, officers on the current Recruit Foundation Course performing their street duties training with a Tutor Constable, were dispatched to a residence in Devonshire to perform a welfare check on a male.

Police ComOps had received an overseas phone call from the UK from a worried friend who had not heard from him in two days.

The caller informed officers that he suffered from seizures and it was strange not to hear from him. Officers arrived at the residence and knocked on the doors and windows in an effort to see if anyone was inside.

Getting no response, the officers interviewed neighbours who also stated that they had not seen the occupant.

Having regard for the safety of the man and given the circumstances for concern the officers utilized Section 17 of the Police and Criminal Evidence, (PACE), Act, to enter the residence in an effort to save life.

They come across the man in his bedroom in what appeared to be a deep sleep and with injuries to his head.

The team was able to wake him and found him to be slightly incoherent.

He stated that he recalled having a seizure on Sunday and may have fallen.

He was unable to remember anything after that.

Officers provided reassurance and requested assistance from EMTs.

He was taken to the hospital, tested and treated for his injuries before being discharged.

All incidents are under investigation. Police are appealing to members of the public who have witnessed these incidents or may have information pertaining to them to contact their respective Police Station, Police Headquarters at 295-0011 or the confidential Crimestoppers Hotline on 1 (800) 623-8477.

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