Traffic Stop Social Media Post

Mon, 2020-07-20


The Bermuda Police Service is aware of a social media post, accompanied by a video clip, alleging wrongdoing on the part of officers during a traffic stop on Friday 17TH July.

The video clip and the account of the events given in that social media post, do not depict the full details of what transpired during that traffic stop.

The driver of the vehicle has not lodged a formal complaint against the officers involved and the Bermuda Police Service has made a number of attempts to speak with that person to bring resolution to the situation and we continue to do so.

A BPS spokesperson did reach that person by phone, to arrange a meeting with Commissioner Stephen Corbishley but, was told it would not be until next week, that the individual may be able to meet to discuss the situation.

The BPS has reviewed footage from the bodycams worn by the officers during the traffic stop and determined that the officers followed proper protocol during the execution of their duties whilst responding to a report of a vehicle being driven in an erratic manner.