Statement Regarding Letter to Bermuda Health Care Services’ Patients

Mon, 2019-06-10

Commissioner of Police Stephen Corbishley – Following the publication of a letter by Dr. Reddy to Bermuda Health Care Services’ patients in the news media I can confirm that in late February 2019 an undertaking was offered, and accepted, that no steps would be taken in relation to the Protocol (Part 1) pending an application by the Intervener for a Stay of the implementation of the Protocol.

A hearing was conducted on 26 February 2019 where Justice Subair Williams considered the Intervener’s application for a stay and leave to appeal.

The application for leave to appeal and the application for a stay were refused on 1 March 2019. No further application for a stay has been made.

Consequently, on 1 March 2019 the undertaking lapsed. Since then the matter has been progressing as ordered by the Court in the manner as agreed by Counsel for both the Clinics and the Patients.

If the Clinics and others are under a misunderstanding as to the position in relation to the protocol, their misunderstanding is not due to any fault of the Bermuda Police Service (BPS).

The BPS is fully observant to both the required undertakings in these matters and the sensitivities in respect of patient confidentiality.

In this regard, examination of evidence is being facilitated by an independent overseas expert and the BPS has no access to the material within patient files.