Serving Bermuda

The Bermuda Police Service - Serving Bermuda

Around the clock our Police officers, support staff and Reserve officers work hard to provide a policing service to the public of Bermuda.

Together we look at where we can make the most difference to improving the quality of everyone’s lives, and creating a safer Bermuda.

In our work we put our communities first – we want to be there when victims need us the most and when criminals don’t. But, most importantly, we want people to be safe and feel safe whether they are in their homes, on the streets or at work in our country.

Mission Statement

"Making Bermuda Safer."

Core Values


To consistently apply our knowledge and skills effectively and competently, having regard for confidentiality, proficiency, positive attitude, exemplary conduct and impeccable appearance.


To conduct ourselves with pride, honesty, impartiality and high ethical standards.


To recognize and accept diversity within the Service and the community. To conduct ourselves impartially with open minds, being considerate, polite and fair.


To use the process which involves taking responsibility for and being answerable to others for actions or lack thereof.


To enthusiastically devote ourselves to the purpose and goals of the Organization. To be committed to do the job to the best of our abilities.


To demonstrate the strength and fortitude to take appropriate actions in the face of adversity and the ability to endure any consequences that may follow.


To work cohesively and harmoniously with direction and purpose towards a common goal.