BB Gun Recovered

Tue, 2020-10-06

 At around 1:35 p.m. on Saturday, 3rd October, a member of the public contacted police to report the discovery of a firearm near a private dock in the area of Harbour Road in Warwick. 

Officers attended the location and was shown the firearm, which was identified as a BB Gun with no ammunition.

It was made inoperable, seized and transported to the police armoury. 

Assistant Commissioner of Police Antoine Daniels wishes to remind the community that BB guns, are unlawful to possess in Bermuda, as outlined in the Firearms Act 1973. He added: “The way that these BB guns are manufactured near-identical replicas of authentic firearms, which makes it difficult for police officers and civilians to recognize the difference, particularly when used during the commission of crime.

The close resemblance to real firearms can create serious problems for everyone involved. 

The person using the bb gun could put themselves at significant risk should they confront an armed police officer who will have no way of determining the firearm is in fact a bb gun and members of the public who may suffer injury from being shot by one of these.