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Sat, 2005-07-16

Around 8:30pm on Saturday, Police attended a reported fire at Solomon’s jewelry store on Front Street in the City of Hamilton. The Bermuda Fire Service also attended the scene. On arrival officers observed flames coming from a display case at the front of the store. The fire was quickly brought under control and most of the damage was confined to the display case area.

Breaking & Entering

Thu, 2005-07-14

Around 6:35 this morning, Police attended a reported breaking and entering at Café Acoreano on Washington Street in Pembroke. On arrival officers spoke with the owner who stated that sometime between 8:30pm on Thursday and 6:25am today, an unknown culprit gained entry into the store. The culprit stole 30 packages of Marlboro & Camel cigarettes. Inquiries into this incident are underway.

Breaking & Entering

Wed, 2005-07-13

Around 12:45pm on Wednesday, Police attended a reported breaking and entering at an East Shore Close, Sandy's parish residence. On arrival officers spoke with the complainant who stated that sometime between 9:10am and 12:30pm that day, an unknown culprit gained entry into her home.

Update: Island Wide Power Outage

Wed, 2005-07-13

The Bermuda Police Service is pleased with the public's response to the power outage crisis. There have been no significant incidents as a result of the blackout. We are reminding the public to stay out of the City of Hamilton, unless it is for work purposes or a matter of importance.


Tue, 2005-07-12

At 3:25pm on Tuesday, Police attended a reported theft from the Bermuda Maritime Museum in Sandy’s parish. It appears that visitors to the Maritime Museum alerted staff to certain exhibits missing from their display cases in the Treasury Room.


Mon, 2005-07-11

At 1:45 this morning, Police received a report of a robbery on Glebe Road in Pembroke. The victims, a 16 year old Warwick boy and a 17 year old Warwick boy stated that around 10:30pm on Monday, they were standing on Glebe Road across from Victor Scott Primary School when six young men on three auxiliary cycles stopped beside them.



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