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Wed, 2005-08-17

Around 6:20 this morning, Police received a report of a robbery on Wellington Slip Road in St. George’s. The victim, a 25 year old Smith’s parish man (taxi driver), stated that around 6am he picked up two men at King’s Square who indicated they wanted to go to the City of Hamilton. However, they asked to pick up a friend first.


Tue, 2005-08-16

At 3:50 this morning, Police received a report of a robbery on Front Street in the City of Hamilton, near the junction with Parliament Street. The victim, a 23 year old American man who is a visitor to the island, stated that he was walking along Front Street when he was approached by three men.

Attempted Robbery

Mon, 2005-08-15

At 10:55am on Monday, Police attended a reported attempted robbery at the junction of Woodlands Road and St. John’s Road in Pembroke, outside Cycle Care. The victim, a 61 year old Pembroke woman, stated that around 10:50am she entered Cycle Care.

Assault on Police

Sun, 2005-08-14

Around 10:35pm on Sunday, Police (two units consisting of two Police officers each) attended a reported domestic dispute at a Sound View Road, Sandy’s parish residence. On arrival, two of the officers spoke with the complainant, a 39 year old Sandy’s parish woman, inside the residence while the other two officers stayed outside.


Sun, 2005-08-14

Around 12:40am on Sunday, a Police Support Unit (PSU) on mobile patrol attended Fentons Drive in Pembroke. The officers arrested an 18 year old Pembroke woman for an outstanding warrant and searched the basket of the motorcycle she was sitting on. The basket contained a sizeable quantity of what is believed to be controlled drugs, which were seized.

Boat Sinking

Sat, 2005-08-13

At 10:25pm on Saturday, Police received a report of a boat sinking near Dockyard (inside the camber) with five people onboard. Marine Police initially searched the area but found no trace of the vessel or the five occupants. However, after receiving information that the occupants of the vessel swam ashore, Marine Police located the five men on the south basin camber.



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